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Here follows some of the comments written by our guests in the Casa Rural’s book which is available in the reception.


Dreaming place, meals cooked like at home and better than any restaurant.

Laura, Marta and Inigo

Thanks, you gave us your love and have opened to us the doors of your house making us to feel part of it.

Pablo and Vanesa

Here is a paradise. If the rest of my time in this earth is as pleasurable as my time at Las Gamitas, I shall be a happy man. I agree.

Roger and Giselle

In Las Gamitas we peacefully rest and enjoy the nature of Extremadura and we go out with two new friends. Besides cooking of Irina is a luxury for the palate.

Julio e Isabel

Your hospitality and amiability have made us to feel part of your family.

Paco and Belen

Las Gamitas is relaxed and confortable. We were very impressed by its “green” credentials, providing as it does 95% of its own power and water from Nature.

David and Gemma Banks

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